Indeed, it takes enormous amount of efforts to stand out and shine among the group sharing similar interests. The consistency of higher performance and innovation through advanced technology being adopted by us in every project we undertake differentiates us. Our safety policies and research team are the key behind the values we share today.

Siddhi Constructions believes that 'Information is power' and the success or failure of any projects depends on efficiency and the effectiveness of the Information Flow.

All our project site / locations are connected via Online CCTV Cameras, MS Project & High Speed Internet, which allows for vital data to flow within the organization. The use of technology enables the right decision can be taken at the right time thereby lowering costs and saving time.
The major advantage Siddhi Constructions has achieved with online system is : We also have the advanced IT systems governing and monitoring our following departments
  • Purchase control Authorization based approval for requisition & purchase order.
  • Equipment control Through online material reconciliation.
  • Timely, Online data reducing human effort to generate report.
  • Easy access & retrieval of data for remote projects.
  • Efficient project progress monitoring and cost controlling.
  • Future planning and diversification policies
  • Tendering and estimation
  • Project monitoring and co-ordination
  • Project execution
  • Material management
  • Billing and Accounting